ZA Capital Advisory is a boutique Financial Advisory Firm based in Dhaka, Bangladesh that focuses on both Money Market and Capital Market opportunities.



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Level 7, Priyo Prangon Tower, Plot- 19, Road- 17, Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka-1213




    1. Valuation Advisory
    • Providing a broad range of international standard valuation services to our clients.
    • Providing independent, objective, consultative and investment grade business valuations for the company.
    • Providing valuation services in connection with
      • merger and acquisition; new share issuance & sale of existing shares; internal or strategic purpose.
    1. Strategic & Financial Advisory
    • Assisting in developing comprehensive business, operational and financial planning, investments-to-revenue generation analysis, capital structure and leverage capacity analysis.
    • Assisting in developing business/project feasibility through:
    • Comprehensive analysis of macro-economic factors, industry outlook, future market dynamics, and internal capacity and readiness.
    • Highlighting the present and potential risk factors and helping enable informed decision making on the viability of underlying opportunities.
    • Assisting in performing financial and commercial due diligence to identify and assess project/business risks and opportunities and develop tailored strategies.
    1. Business Planning and Viability Advisory
    • Assisting in conceptualizing the project at the initial stage.
    • Financial structuring, including determining the right mix of financing for the client.
    • Exploring refinancing alternatives for the clients and evaluating better sources of funds.
    • Advising appropriate strategies for fundraising for both greenfield and existing projects.
    • Financial restructuring to bring in optimization for ongoing business entities.
    1. Pre-IPO Advisory
    • Assisting the prospective company to determine the company’s internal readiness for IPO and to operate as a publicly listed company with the optimate capital structure.
    • Working with client to determine optimal strategy for fund raising with preparation of detailed road map for IPO.
    • Assisting in developing detailed financial model(s) of the company and tracking the business accordingly to ensure that any deviation from the road map is addressed.
    • Assisting in determining the appropriate structure for the transaction, including analysis of size, tenure, pricing, and other variables of transaction.
    • Coordination with other stakeholders i.e., auditor, legal advisor, tax advisor, issue manager etc.